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Choosing Ramadan and Eid decor can be a daunting task especially when there is so much to plan and prepare both physically and spriritually before the Holy month of Ramadan begins. So we’ve decided put together some styling ideas and tips for your home and work space that will take you from Ramadan right into Eid and beyond.

The key is to always consider decorations that incorporate colours and tones already present in your home decor. This will create a cohesive and visually appealing space. Neutral tones of gold, silver, white, beige and black can blend easily with most interior spaces. 

Invest in a few key pieces of quality decorations rather than purchasing numerous inexpensive items. While the idea of versatile, high-quality Ramadan decor might sound expensive, it needn’t be the case. A few quality items will not only last longer and add more of a luxury feel to your home decor, they can also be repurposed and used year after year.

6 of our best selling decorations for Ramadan & Eid

Below are some of our favourite pieces that we at Islamic Moments have lovingly designed and crafted with you, the discerning Muslim customer in mind.


1 - Ramadan Mubarak Laser Cut Door Sign: 

No need to shout Ramadan Mubarak from the roof tops anymore as our stylish laser cut Ramadan Mubarak door sign will do all the talking for you! This white minimalist acrylic sign can be hung indoors as well as out doors as it is water proof.

2 - Arabic Arch & Lantern Laser Cut Set: 

If you’re looking for something a little more exclusive and detailed in design then we have something really special for you with this elegant hanging lantern set. The precision and intricacy of the laser-cutting detail is what makes this piece so special. This ornament can be hung to the ceiling, stairway, window, mantle piece or wall to make an eye catching decor statement this Ramadan and Eid.

3 - 3D Laser Cut Mosque Kit:

Another wonderful addition to our Ramadan and Eid decor collection is this exquisite 3D laser cut Mosque kit. The pack includes 2 laser engraved Mosque plaques in 2mm gold wooden board. Simply interlock the two pieces to create a 3D Mosque model. This set is extremely versatile and will make a stunning centrepiece for your Ramadan and Eid decor and can also be displayed on your mantle piece, bookshelf or dinner party table all year round.4- Laser Crafted Bunting Kits:

Give your Iftaar or Eid party a warm festive feel with our laser cut bunting kit. Get the children involved in the decor process by getting them to string the geometric shapes to form the bunting. This intricate bunting kit is extremely versatile and will make a brilliant addition to your Ramadan and Eid festivities year after year.


5 - Large Laser Cut Hanging Ornaments, Moon, Star and Lantern: This set comprises of 4 large wooden laser cut ornaments along with some rustic tweed for hanging. Coated in a dark brown lacquer, these beautiful laser cut ornaments will add a touch of luxury and warmth to your home decor.

6 - Laser Cut Crescent, Star & Arch Hanging Shapes: Another simply elegant Ramadan decor kit by Islamic Moments. Bring a real festive feel to your room with this set of 3 minimalist hanging ornaments comprising of an acrylic crescent, star and arch shape.

Thread one end of the clear cord provided through the acrylic shape and tie a knot. Hang the other end of the cord to the ceiling, stairway, mantle piece or window with some strong tape.

You may view our full collection of Ramadan and Eid party decorations by clicking the link here .

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